Poster Presentation (Group 7) Part 1 of 9 (F_P7.1 to F_P7.5)

F_P7.1 Pilot project on Telepharmacy Service under pandemic – case reports and way forward

Chan ACY, Wong BPK, Chui WCM

Department of Pharmacy, Queen Mary Hospital

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F_P7.2 Triaging oncology patients who reside in residential buildings requiring compulsory Covid-19 testing using a computer algorithm

Chan DCW (1) Wong WH (1) Leung SNS (1) Leung LHT (1) Lui SYT (1), Lai LS (1), Lau SF (1), Hon HC (1), Yuen KT (1) Cheng ACK (1)

(1) Department of Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital

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F_P7.3 Telecare for high-risk elderly under COVID-19 pandemic

Chan KN, Wong CL, Ho PC, Tsang WY, Sha KY

Department of Medicine & Geriatric, United Christian Hospital

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F_P7.4 Nurse-Patient Distancing in Nurse Clinic: Pioneering Telemedicine for Post-operative Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS) amid COVID-19 Pandemic by Smart Hospital

Chan WL

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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F_P7.5 Use of telecare in multi-disciplinary care for patient with chronic illness during the COVID-19 pandemic, an experience in NTWC General out-patient clinic (GOPC)

Edwin YH Chan1, Felix Tsui1, Yeni Chan1, YS Ng1, ML Chan1, BC Wong 1,Jun Liang1

1Department of Family Medicine & Primacy Health Care, Community Care Division, New Territories West Cluster, Hospital Authority

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